ticket sales

Identify, manage, engage, maximise
and monetise opportunities

Making life easy at
every touch point.

  • Intelligently designed to make things super smooth from the very start of every customer journey.
  • Mobile App housing a range of features to reduce administration costs and increase customer engagement, tailored to your brand.
  • Integrated Single Sign-on (SSO) simplifies user-name and password management and enables users to securely authenticate with multiple applications and websites by logging in only once.
  • Multi-venue and Hospitality Management and access from one central platform.
  • 360° VR Venue Modelling provides an interactive preview from any selected seat.

Equality of experience
for disabled fans.

  • Inclusivity for all, enabling disabled people the same easy online booking options.
  • Online Ticket Purchase by creating an account and uploading documentation a pre-verification process overcomes issues of eligibility, ensuring easy 100% online purchase of future tickets.
  • Identifying Special Requirements for wheelchair accessible bays, ambulant seating, seats within loop range, shortened line of sight and nearby toilet access.
  • Ensuring Free Ticket Allocations for ‘Essential Companions’ with a paid ticket and safeguards accessible tickets are only sold to disabled people.

Just the ticket for
family and friends.

  • Purchase, share and transfer tickets for a group or a surprise gift, Alloc8 makes it easy to enjoy an event with friends and family.
  • Ticket Transfer Option A request-based friends and family service allowing for ticket purchase on behalf of one another, group bookings and visual friends and family management.
  • Ticket Resale Marketplace Alloc8 allows for those times when fans are unable to attend through an official Ticket Resale Marketplace option.

Seat management
simplified and optimised.

  • Polymorphic Seating Adjusts in real-time to organise ticket types and optimise seating arrangements and opportunities.
  • Orphan Seat Toggle Forces ticket purchasers to select seats next to other fans, eliminating gaps and increasing venue revenue.
  • Geo Ring-fencing Visually select a geographical area to target fans.
  • Group Ring-fencing Identification and group movement of fans that sit together within the stadium.
  • Online Booking Portal Ability to send out groups of reserved tickets which need to be confirmed or they automatically go back on resale.

Up sell and cross-sell
at point of purchase.

  • Integrated data capture, giving you the potential to promote upgrades, add-ons or other relevant products, services and offers, such as tours, food and beverage and retail product throughout the purchase process, to an engaged audience.
  • Comprehensive Analytics Suite allows for intelligence-driven data capture and powerful consumer targeting.
  • Full Fan History Alloc8 builds up a valuable fan profile over time helping you gain valuable consumer insights into fan’s personal preferences and purchase history and is fully GDPR compliant, including SAR (subject access request) reports and anonymisation tools.

Find out how we can help you

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