Create intelligence-driven
communications that drive ROI.

Data-driven decision making.
Maximum resource efficiency.

  • Comprehensive Analytics Suite incorporates intelligence driven data capture and powerful consumer targeting.
  • Full Fan History Alloc8 builds up a valuable fan profile over time, helping you gain valuable insights into personal preferences and purchase history.
  • Friends & Family A request-based service allows ticket purchase for Friends & Family, provides valuable data capture to create F&F communications and referral marketing campaigns.
  • Geo Ring-fencing Alloc8 gives you the ability to target fans within a given postcode or region enabling cost-effective A/B testing of marketing messages.

Targeted communications.
Measurable results.

  • Fan Communication Suite allows for essential communications directly from the system and can easily be integrated with industry standard marketing tools such as Mailchimp and dotmailer.
  • Up sell and cross sell Alloc8 works to integrate data capture giving you the potential to promote upgrades, add-ons or other relevant products, services and offers such as tours, food and beverage and retail products to an engaged audience.

A membership platform for
a more engaged fan base.

  • Subscription Based Service A fully integrated membership platform allows for a subscription-based service offering to fans.
  • Fan Benefits Fans feel part of the Club by keeping up to date with the very latest news and engaging with fresh content and exciting online games.
  • Club Benefits Increased up selling and cross selling opportunities to an engaged fan base who are open to new products, services and offers.

Supporter Club Management
compatibility and assistance.

Supporter Club Management Alloc8 can also help with the management of large supporter club groups, giving you insight and information not only on the person who made the booking, but also each individual within the group.

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