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Electronic Point of Sale Systems (EPOS) are the combination of software and hardware that enable your ticket office to sell tickets seamlessly with the back office system on the day of your events. EPOS allows them to take cash and card payments, record sales data, analyse your business performance and lots more besides.

Our secure EPOS system gives you access to real-time statistics such as sales and employee performance, reduces risk of theft and safeguards confidential business and customer information.

Financial intelligence
for real time auditing.

Auditing Intelligence Alloc8 provides a chronological record of system activities to enable to monitor and audit your event during and post-event to ensure all transactions; whatever the payment method, correspond to amounts received. Alloc8 can quickly discover and identify any discrepancies between processed transactions and amounts received and flag up when and where the error occurred.

Event balance checking
to keep you in the know.

Comprehensive management and financial reports showing the volume of sales per transaction method, value of tickets sold, and event capacities. Alloc8 gives you the ability to track and determine card tokens used for online transactions to help identify and reduce the impact of ticket touting.

Monitor performance, statistics
and seating analysis.

Seat History and Analytics Powerful analytics help you define capacity, sections, row and seat number values. Alloc8 provides a full history of seats within your venue, helping you identify which seats consistently sell out whilst also flagging up under-performing areas of the venue to help you configure discounted packages and promotions to ensure they sell.

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