A comprehensive tool kit
to manage concerts on any scale.

Inventory management,
allocation and distribution.

A rapid, system driven solution ensures instant ticket mark backs and reallocation across agents in real time, allowing the venue to effortlessly control the stadium manifest. Alloc8 ensures the right tickets, in the right place, at the right time, at the right cost.

Intelligent capacity management
and operational planning.

Alloc8 has built-in intelligent tools to help you calculate and maximise stadium holding capacity based on production drawings and available safe standing space. Alloc8 also guides your operational planning by helping to maximise your ingress modelling and alerting you to potential pinch points.

'Backstage' keeps you in the know by reporting on unsaleable seats due to stage position, sight line projections, and production details.

Ticket price modelling
and analysis engine.

Alloc8 includes an intelligent price modelling engine to help you maximise potential ticket sales revenue using targets and scenario builders. Create stadium segmentation pricing plans and apply to your event at the push of a button.

Stadium Manifest
Powerful Reporting Tools.

Alloc8 delivers in-depth, powerful reporting tools including manifest reporting, unsold inventory, financial reconciliations and sales analyses. Alloc8 also offers customisable and flexible report formatting to meet the requirements of industry promoters and band management.

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